Gathering Around The Table

Update: We’ve since moved home to Texas. I’m still using this blog for recipes but should you see one that is from our time in Singapore, you’ll understand why it lists where to find this or that ingredient. Shopping there was always quite an adventure. ūüôā So now, I keep up with my favorite recipes here because our children are on their own, well two of them are anyway, and starting their own families and this is an easy way for me to share some of our family favorites with them to make themselves. Someday I plan to make this blog into a book for them.¬†


Gathering around the table to share a meal¬†is something very¬†special¬†to me. When family and friends gather together¬†around the table you make so many sweet memories.¬† Holiday’s or everyday, it doesn’t matter. It’s all good!¬† We play games around the table, we laugh a lot, we learn a lot and we eat a lot.

I’ve created this blog to¬†share recipes. Why another recipe blog??? Glad you asked.

Our family is currently living in Singapore having moved from the US in June 2009. Although we LOVE the local food, I haven’t learned how to cook it yet (I do plan to learn)¬†and making some of our family favorites from home has proven to be a challenge. Finding ingredients, substituting ingredients and making adjustments is just part of the adventure.

We’ve “gathered around the table” with new friends and co-workers and have shared some great food.¬†I hear often, “Where did you find that?”¬†and “I need that recipe!” ¬†I thought this would be a good place to put those recipes and share with you.

If you would like to share a favorite recipe¬†there is some info¬†under the ‘PAGE” tab for you.


3 responses to “Gathering Around The Table

  1. This is great. Many people can make use of it.

  2. Karen Wetton

    What a good idea, Andrea!!!!

    • thestunzfamily

      Thanks, Karen. If you have any recipes you’d like to share, send them in! Just remember you have to include where you found the ingredients and it has to have been in Singapore. ūüôā

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